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This blog post is about why I have decided to stand in Petersfield Bell Hill in the District Council elections on 4 May 2023.

Bell Hill is an important ward in Petersfield. The presence of the Bedford Road Industrial Estate in the ward means that more than half of the business activity in Petersfield takes place in the ward. Business inevitably means traffic movements and constant deliveries. The presence of the A3 roundabout and the Bell Hill roundabout in the ward also means that the ward takes a lot of Petersfield’s incoming and outgoing traffic.

In my view it is high time that Bell Hill residents were given some protection from all this traffic. That is why I will make it a priority to get a traffic-calming scheme in place, centred on raised crossings. These crossings will calm traffic and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the roads. I also intend to explore the scope for a one-way system to reduce traffic in the residential streets. I will consult residents on a Residents Parking Scheme which would potentially reduce incoming traffic further.

I think I can get these things done for four reasons:

1. I have strong links at Hampshire County Council where I am in the Cabinet; HCC own the roads so we primarily need their support and agreement.

2. I have been Assistant Portfolio Holder for Placemaking and Regeneration at EHDC for four years so I already have a deep understanding of processes at the District Council.

3. I have a track record of working successfully with Petersfield Town Council and I have been on the PTC Town Development Committee for seven years now.

4. I have an excellent relationship with the South Downs National Park Authority (our planning authority in Petersfield) where I was on the board for five years from 2017-2022.

As well as traffic-calming, I also want to prioritise nature in Bell Hill. I think there is scope for more tree and shrub planting at the Recreation Ground and the Bell Hill Common (Coxes Meadow), and along the roads. I also want to rewild the verges. This would be good for biodiversity and good for the climate.

I enjoy being a District Councillor – it has been a great honour to serve as Liss District Councillor for the last four years. I would be delighted to stay on EHDC as a Councillor closer to home in Petersfield. I am proud of the Conservative administration’s record over the last four years, and I am proud of the part I have played in it, especially on the environment.

EHDC has prioritised welfare and communities and we have supported local green initiatives through our climate strategy. We have also supported retrofit through our Cosy Homes and Warmer Homes schemes.

If you live in Bell Hill ward, I hope you will give me your support on 4 May. If I am elected, I promise that I will work hard to deliver for you. I will always listen to you. And I will not let you down.

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